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“It’s never too late to become who you were meant to be.” — TS Eliott

Your Story Matters

See. Hear. Remember.

I’ve been a Licensed Professional Counselor for 26 years and see clients also through some understanding of Spiritual Formation as a Spiritual Director. In my first career I was an RN and worked in Public Health, mental health and hospital positions.

I believe that the better you know your story the more you can move into the fullness of who you are becoming. I am grateful to have the privilege of being with clients in this journey.

Credentials and training are important to note as well as life experience and my personal journey. They enrich the depth and dimension of my insights and perspectives.


What I offer

As we work together I want to bring the comfort of being heard and the growth of trust into our sessions. It will be my joy to listen to and hear the story of your journey. One person told me “You have a true listening presence.” Another said, “You hear me. You know me in a way other people don’t.” Very often the road to regaining an awareness of and confidence in our own value begins with the telling and hearing of our story. Truly listening to you will be one of my priorities as we work together.


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